P.I.C.A.S.S.O Podcast Blueprint™Webinar Live

P.I.C.A.S.S.O Podcast Blueprint
Webinar Live

9:00 PM Eastern, 12th December 2019

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Your Webinar Host

Karthik Vijayakumar

My name is Karthik Vijayakumar and I’m just about as crazy and creative as you are. I am an introvert and a first-generation entrepreneur. I chase my curiosity and started a podcast by accident. I have interviewed people like top podcasters like John Lee Dumas, ex-Editor of HBR, Oscar-qualifying award-winning filmmakers, CEOs, Wall Street Bestselling authors and more.

I host and produce The Design Your Thinking Podcast (made it to Top-100 Entrepreneurship Podcasts on Apple Podcasts UK, Canada and India). Before I did any of this, I used to make software products for over 15 years.

What you'll discover on this live webinar:

  • 1
    The one thing that takes less than five minutes but will improve your podcast listenership grow by fifty percent
  • 2
    Why almost fifty percent of podcasts have stopped publishing new episodes and why doing just this one thing will protect you from being one of them
  • 3
    The one thing that’s holding you back from profiting from your podcast and how others are using this very thing to make their show worthwhile their time and effort.

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